Retromuseum ‘Billy’ | Вехтошарница ‘Шедьовъръ’

This is what we saw out of our carwindows when we drove to Rila Monastery. We weren’t sure what it was, but it for sure made us curious. We decided to stop there on our way back, and I’m so glad we did!

We looked a little bit around, and thanks to the dog on the property a guy, Ivan, came to us. He told me that it’s a museum and got a piece paper with English information on it. There was a little statue with a glass bowl and some money in it. We could look around and decide for ourselves if and how much we wanted to pay.

Well, they’ve got sooo much! From many beautiful cars to old televisions, radios and turntables, motors, bikes, Singer sewingmachines, ceramics, horse saddles, irons, costumes and blankets.

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He told me he worked here as an employee, his boss, Valentin, has been collecting all this stuff for the next generations Bulgarians. We ended up in his ‘office’, filled with more collected little antique stuff. There I saw a big poster with Bulgarian costumes. I asked Valentin where it came from. He ended up getting parts of costumes out of a drawer behind him. They tried to tell me about a problem with flies which I didn’t understand at first. After some creative Bulgarian talk I understood them. ‘Ah, you mean those flies who have costumes for breakfast?’. Yes, they had moths in the costumes. And they had more. Ivan took us back to the first hall where he showed us a dresser full of beautiful costumes and boxes filled with blankets, aprons and socks. The moths had found them too.. The idea of saving all of this for next generations is beautiful, I’m just not so sure if some things will make it the way they are restored.

Adress: 107 126, 2640 Kocherinovo142546147216242
Coordinates: 42.092479, 23.070299

How to get there?
When you drive on the highway E79/1 between Dupnica and Blagoevgrad, take exit 107 to Kocherinov
o. When you’re about to leave Kocherinovo it’s on the left side.

– They don’t speak English.
+ They’re very polite and want so show you everything!


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