Restaurant Megdana | Ресторант мегдана


megdanahousesIf you’re curious about Bulgarian culture, this is the place to go. It has it all, a beautiful garden surrounded by balconies where you can have dinner in the summer and when you go inside the restaurant itself you will find many more tables. Everything is decorated with Bulgarian costumes, crafts and behind the ‘stage’ there are cute little Bulgarian houses. The employees all wear costume-inspired clothes and when you open the menu you will need half an hour to decide which of all the Bulgarian meals you will try.

There’s a performance everyday at 21:00. If you want to have diner and watch the performance in the weekend, make a reservation. The performance includes dances, danced by students of the art academy, and songs which are sung live. At the end you can dance with the dancers throughout the restaurant.

If you’re going there with friends or family and want to have conversations I would recommend to go around 20:15/20:30. You will have time to order and to chat before the performance begins. The music gets loud and it will be hard to talk during the performance.

What does it cost?
A shopska salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onion, white cheese) 400 gr costs 5 leva, savoury potatoes 3,40 leva and chicken fillet with mushroom sauce 8,60 leva. A soft drink costs 2,10 leva and half a liter beer around 2,50 leva.

Try the mixed parlenka, it’s delicious!

Adress: ulitsa “Odrin” 11, 4000 Plovdiv
Coordinates: 42.135894, 24.744758

How to get there?
howtogettomegdanaaIt’s next to bus station юг which means south. When you’re in front of the bus station on the side where all the busstops are, cross the big square. It’s behind the fence. The street looks a little bit abandoned and there’s a wall in front in the restaurant with windows and an open door. It will lead you to the lightened garden.


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