Restaurant Mehana Vodenitsata | Ресторант Механа Воденицата

This is a fantastic restaurant situated next to Blagoevgrad’s park ‘Bachinovo’, 2 km out of town. It looks amazing, is very big, has delicious food, with live music on friday and saturday night, a children’s zoo and a playground. You can go there after a walk through the park, or to dance horo (bulgarian folkdances) all night long while enjoying the live music. Vodenitsata means water mill, which they use to turn the spit with meat that’s being roasted.

This restaurant has place for 300 people inside, and another 200 on the terrace outside. What I really like about the terrace is that they’ve got many different spots. From a big round table to cute little shacks. And it’s all in Bulgarian style!

A 350 gr. Shopska salad costs you 4 leva and a soft drink 1,50. I can recommend the parlenka (пърленка). They don’t always have it on the menu, but you can ask for it.

: /
Coordinates: 42.035296, 23.132712

howtogettorestaurantmehanavodenitsataHow to get there?
When driving on the E79 between Dupnica and Sandanski take the first exit to Blagoevgrad. When you’re coming from Dupnica, after taking the exit take the first right. Stay on this road for 2 km, until you pass the Kaufland on your left. The road will bend to the right. That’s where you’ll go left. After 800 m go straight on the roundabout. Take a left after 4 km to enter the restaurant. It’s the first exit after the park.


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