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The places to go for a drink, whether it’s hot chocolate or a shot of tequila!

drinkatthecocktailbarsofiaWhat? The Cocktail Bar, Sofia
Why? This cozy square in the middle of Sofia is the perfect place to relax after some sightseeing or shopping. They’ve got good coffee and even better cocktails! (And cheesecake aswell. What’s not to like?)
Costs? 2,90 for a tea, 4,50 for fresh juice and 6,50 for a non-alcoholic cocktail.

drinkatbarcuboWhat? Beach bar Cubo, Varna
Why? You love summer and the beach is your favorite place. Have a cold drink with your feet in the sand, or find a cozy corner on the 2nd floor from where you can enjoy one of the many the live performances. A perfect place to enjoy your holiday, with the sea right in front of you.

Piano Bar Limited, Blagoevgrad
Why? Because you love live music and a good vibe. This is a small bar, with seats everywhere and tea lights, which makes it even cozier. They organise lots of events, like rock music nights, karaoke and bulgarian evenings.
Costs? 2 leva for a beer, 6 leva for a small bottle of red wine.

Art Club, Sofiaartclub3
Because you love hanging out in this artistic bar, where you can expect live music nights and a good vibe. Close to the great park Borisova Gradina.
Costs? Salads for 7 leva


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