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Love goes through the stomach. Here are the best place to fall (even more) in love with Bulgaria!

restaurantvodenitsataWhat? Restaurant Mehana Vodenitsata, Blagoevgrad
Why? This big restaurant is situated next to the park, has amazing Bulgarian food, a big terrace, a kid’s zoo, a playground, live music on friday and saturday night and all of that in Bulgarian style!
Costs? A shopska salad costs 4 leva and a soft drink 1,50.

eatatmegdanaWhat? Restaurant Megdana, Plovdiv
Why? Because you want to dive in Bulgarian culture. It’s everywhere and it’s amazing. There’s a performance every day at 21:00. What better way to eat your meal when watching a Bulgarian dance performance?
Costs? A shopska salad costs 5 leva, chicken fillet with mushroom sauce 8,60 and a beer around 2,50.


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