Historical sights

Here’s a summary of all the historical sights.
Click on the image or name for more information!

seetsarevetsWhat? Tsarevets | Царевец
Why? Because it’s a beautiful, big monument full of different layers of history. You can see a restored tower and church, find remains and enjoy the view.
Costs? Oct-Mar: 9-17. Apr-Sep: 8-19. The entrance is 6 leva for an adult, the elevator behind the church is 2. If you’d like a guided tour it will cost you 10 leva.

What? Amphi theater, Plovdiv
Why? Because it’s a huge open air theater in the old town of Plovdiv. It was rediscovered in the 70’s and there are performances every summer. It has a great and wide view with mountains in the background.
Costs? Tickets for performances depend on the show and seating. Sightseeing will cost you 5 leva.


What? Rila monastery
Why? Because you love monasteries. This is one of the biggest in the Balkan and definetily worth a visit. An orthodox church with a clocktower in the middle surrounded by cells for monks. Beautiful!
Costs? For free. The etnographic collection, clocktower, museum etc. cost money.

seebachkovoWhat? Bachkovo monastery
Why? This is a really cozy, peaceful and beautiful monastery. The church has this beautfiul ‘old’ look on the outside and when you go inside it’s dark and mysterious. It’s not as tourisic as Rila monastery.
Costs? For free.

seeasensfortressWhat? Asen’s fortress
Why? This church is amazing. It has 2 floors and the best view. There’s a path leading there, and there’s even a higher point from where you can see far away. On the second floor of the church you can stil see parts of the paintings on the walls.
Costs? 3 leva. Open wed-sun, 10-17. apr-oct: 10-18.

What? Regional museum of history, Blagoevgrad
Why? They’ve got a big collection of pottery, jewelry, handcrafts, paintings, costumes, and also a 20th century collection, pictures and books. It’s a big building from communist times, which tells a story itself as well.
Costs? 2 leva.

What? Tsari mali grad
Why? This fortress has been hidden for many decades and reopend in the summer of 2013. There’s an ecopath to the fortress, a church, a clock tower, and an amazing and wide view!
Costs? 4 leva for adults, 2 for students and pensioners. Kids under 7 are free.

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