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Cozy hotels, family bed&breakfasts, inspiring hostels, you will find them and more here. Scroll down to see all of them and click the picture or link for more information. Do you know a great place to stay? Contact me and maybe I’ll check it out!

nightingalehostelsofiaWhat? Nightingale Hostel, Sofia
Why? Because you’re looking for a place to sleep close to the cultural center of Sofia. The big Alexandar Nevsky Cathedral is only 600 meters away! They’ve got good dorms and rooms for really cheap prices. Feel at home at this hostel that has a ‘staying over at a friends place’ vibe.
Costs? From 12 leva per nigt, with breakfast.

sleepatarthostelsofiaWhat? Art Hostel Sofia
Why? It’s an alternative hostel covered in art and filled with music events in the art bar which you can find in the basement. It’s easy to meet people, when you get you first drink for free for example. It’s in the center of Sofia, which means everything is close!
Costs? From 24 leva per night, with breakfast.

sleepathostelmostelvelikotarnovoWhat? HostelMostel, Veliko Tarnovo
Why? Because this is a beautiful city worth a visit. You’ll stay in a traditional Bulgarian house with a relaxed vibe from where you can discover the town and do lots of different activities. Go there in the summer to meet other travellers!
Costs? From 20 leva per night, with breakfast and diner.

SleepathostelmostelsofiaWhat? HostelMostel, Sofia
Why? Because you want to meet other travellers from all over the world and have a good time with them, in whatever way you like. From sightseeing to partying, there are all sorts of people there. And all of this in a traditional Bulgarian house!
Costs? From 20 leva per night, with diner.

yohohostelWhat? Yo-Ho-Hostel, Varna
Why? Because you love cozy, messy, creative hostels with a lot of young and openminded people in a sunny coastal town filled with history, beachbars and lots of activities. There are 11- and 4-bed dorms and private rooms, with a livingroom, kitchen and garden.
Costs? from 14 leva per night, with breakfast.

sleephosteloldplovdivWhat? Hostel Old Plovdiv
Why? Because you want to sleep in a traditional Bulgarian house in the center of the old town. It’s beautiful and surrounded by historic sights like the amphi theater and the ethnographic museum. The hostel has beautiful rooms and a lovely garden.
Costs? from 22 leva per night, with breakfast.


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