Hostel Old Plovdiv

1359625375677408 This is a beautiful and cozy hostel in the center of the Old Town of Plovdiv. You’re surrounded by an ethnographic museum, the amfi theater, the top of the hill with an amazing view (watch a sunset there!), part of the ancient stadium, church of the holy mother of god, restaurants, shops with handmade products, the dzhumaya mosque and many more. Wander around in the old streets and take time to look around.

The hostel has several rooms, for 2,3 or 4 people. It’s also possible to have a single room, or to ask kindly for a room for 5. Each room has something special, unique bedframes and antique accessories. There’s even a room with an amazing painting on the wall. None of them have a bathroom, you can find those next to the hallway with the reception.

hostel-old-plovdiv     4

In the morning there’s a good breakfast, which you can eat outside in the garden. There’s also a ‘livingroom’ with a big baroque-ish couch and chairs. There’s a computer aswell.
The staff is great, they speak English and know a lot about the old town and Plovdiv. The staff I met was also great to hang out with in the garden! There’s always someone at the reception.

Adress: ulitsa ‘Chetvarti yanuari’ 3, 4000 Plovdiv | улица ‘Четвърти януари’ з
Coordinates: 42.149872, 24.752254

How to get there?
Walking from the shoppingstreet
Somewhere in the middle of the shopping street you find the mosque (pink), part of the ancient stadium and a little park(green).
Walk between de mosque and the park all the way up. Keep the church on your right. When you arrive on a little square go left. You will find the hostel at the left side.

Travelling with bus/taxi142557147495552/car
The busses stop at boulevard Tsar Boris III Obedinitel right after the tunnel. When you get out walk the stairs (red), with the tunnel on your right. Take the second street right, then a left and a right and you will find the hostel at the right side.

From the train/bus station (they’re pretty much next to each other) you can take bus 7, 20, 26 or shuttlebus2. You can buy bustickets in the bus. When with a car or taxi you can either stop at boulevard Tsar Boris III Obedinitel and walk the red route or follow the green line. Taxi’s will bring you halfway up there. There a possibility to park your car when you get on the ‘blue’ street, right before the church.



Tsarevets | Царевец


Tsarevets. There’s a lot of history in this monument. A beautiful entrance, on a bridge which will lead you through a gate to what once was a community. The Byzantines build here between the 5th and the 7th century, after which it was rebuild by the Slavs, the Bulgars and the Byzantines again. The Turkish empire destroyed a lot after it’s invasion in 1393. In communist times Bulgaria has left a stamp on it aswell, trying to restore parts.

On top of the hill you will find the restored church. On the outside it fits in with the rest but inside it has been painted in what I would describe as ‘Lord of the Rings’ inspired. It’s beautiful, but when you don’t expect it it can be, well, strange. When you walk to the back of the church there’s an elevator. For 2 leva it will take you to the tower from where you have a great city view.

20131110_154248_Richtone(HDR) DSCN3153
DSCN3197 tsarevetsbord

In the back you can climb the restored Baldwin tower, where Baldwin I of Flanders – the perfidious Crusader who led the sack of Christian Byzantium in 1204 – got imprisoned and executed after his defeat by the Bulgarians a year later. There are great views from the top.

There’s more to find, like the remains of one of the churches, part of the big wall around Tsarevets and the foundations of the Royal Palace from where 22 kings ruled Bulgaria.

Adress: Tsar Asen Square, 5000 Veliko Tarnovo
Coordinates: 43.082316, 25.648665

How to get there?
howtogettotsarevetsTake the E85 to Veliko Tarnovo. North of the city (in this picture on the right) go to Street Tsar Ivan-Asen II | ул. Цар Иван-Асен II-ри. Follow this road until you passed the bridge in front of the fortress. You will be able to park your car on the left side right after you crossed the bridge. When you go right you will drive all the way to the entrance.